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    I think the best advice I could give is to feel passion for your work, respect for the patients you are going to treat, we are here because patients need us !
     I believe that the work nevertheless begins at very basic levels of elementary education. There is a lack of education in our society in diversity, equity, respect at very basic levels. The care of children is not the responsibility of gender, it is the responsibility of the parents. Housework is not gender work; it is the work of who lives in the house. Competitiveness is not a gender factor; it is a human factor. Leadership is not gender capacity; it is individual capacity. Society stigmatizes and teaches wrong patterns of behavior. Absurd patterns of princesses and warriors: when the human being is of such wealth that courage, dexterity, compassion, empathy, determination and a long etc. are not qualities of gender or race; but qualities of being human. Until we influence the education we give our children, until we educate in equality and diversity, we will not be able to reverse attitudes that the only thing they do is impoverish us as a society. This is a work to be done ALL together, only on that way we will achieve better things.
Spanish contribution to the European urology has always been exemplary. Please give us a comment.
The truth is that we have a very good representation of Spanish urology in various areas of the EAU. The level of urology in Spain is high based mainly on a very well-established learning and instruction model such as the MIR system. In addition, we have urological schools with a long tradition and international impact. Spanish urology is also a pioneer in certain areas such as kidney transplantation.
How do you balance your heavy workload with personal time?
It is not easy to reconcile work and family or personal life. Our work is very demanding and often requires
a lot of time and dedication. However, it is crucial to set priorities and decide at all times what is important. I spend a lot of time in urology (not only in healthcare practice such as surgery and taking care of patients which fascinates me the most, but in many other aspects such as research, publication, papers, conferences, work in the EAU) but I would not conceive my enthusiasm for work without having the same enthusiasm for life itself.
Family, friends, enjoying free time and hobbies is important to keep your mind balanced and be able to give your best in all aspects.
What would you advise to a new doctor considering to follow a career in Urology?
It is not easy to give advice, but I do think that for a new doctor who would like to be a urologist the first thing I would say is that his/her choice is perfect, because urology is the most beautiful specialty in the world! It is a very complete specialty with a global knowledge of the entire process from diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. We are true surgeons and doctors.
But fundamentally I think the best advice I could give is to feel passion for your work, respect for the patients you are going to treat, we are not in this to get an audience, improve the impact factor or highlight: we are here because patients need us. And we must respect our fundamental goal of trying to heal, support, comfort. And for that we have to understand the patient in its entirety. Surgery is not just the operating room, it is the indication, the subsequent follow-up. I would advise study, stay updated, feel love for work and respect for what we do.

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