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We used the circular stapler in a total of sixteen (16) cases. All procedures were performed from a single surgeon, highly experienced in the field of andrology. Age of patients ranged from 17 to 67 years-old. All sixteen (16) cases presented with “acquired” pathological phimosis (due to scar tissue formation), while one (1) of them presented with concurrent balanoposthitis and adhesions. One (1) case was complicated with bleeding of small- extension, which subsided within 24 hours, using Peha-Haft, without needing any further suturing. Two (2) cases were associated with formation of a small, immediate postoperative haematoma, which, in a similar manner, resolved within 24 hours, using Peha- Haft. Remarkably, operative time ranged from 3 to 8 minutes. In ten (10) of the sixteen (16) cases, a split was needed in an effort to support the metal part of the stapler which overlaps and protects the penis glans. A simultaneous frenuloplasty was performed in all cases. Wound healing time ranged from 7 to 12 days and the staples removal time (which takes place spontaneously) ranged from 10 to 20 days. In three (3) cases, the staples had to be removed (due to adhesion) by the urologist who performed the procedure in a second time, without much difficulty. One (1) case presented lymphedema, which subsided within a month. In all patients the bandage remained for only 24 hours and bath was allowed after 4 days. Surprisingly, the aesthetic result in all the cases
The inner bell.
was characterised as excellent, with all the patients declaring completely satisfied with the aesthetic and functional result of the procedure, 30 days after the operation. The surgeon who performed the sixteen circumcisions with the circular stapler was impressed by the short operative time and declared that the procedure was extremely effortless compared with the conventional methods.
Our case series of circumcisions performed with a circular stapler, indicate that the stapler is a safe and very effective device, representing an excellent alternative to the conventional circumcision techniques. Shorter operative time, less
a) The circular stapler consisting of an inner and an outer bell.
b) The adjustable knob.
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