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Our vision is a World without bladder cancer, and until we achieve that we want to make sure national bladder cancer patient organisations are strong enough to support people affected by bladder cancer, enhance awareness and advocate for better diagnosis, access and care.
Established in 2019, the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition (WBCPC) is the first-time people affected by bladder cancer have a force connecting bladder cancer patients, groups, and organisations working to ensure the best possible outcomes for bladder cancer patients around the world.
Our mission focuses on three goals:
to foster an international community of people affected by bladder cancer
advocate for access to the best bladder cancer information, support and care
build alliances with health professionals, policymakers, academics, researchers and industry.
We are driven by our ambition to have a bladder cancer patient organisation established in each country and that they are fully able to support people affected by bladder cancer, advocate for advancing research and providing the best information, treatment and care. The WBCPC is here to help grow, connect and support these groups on their journey.
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 video by WBCPC President, Dr Lydia Makaroff

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