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   E.O.E Newsletter |
    Christopher Chapple, Secretary General, EAU
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
The European Association of Urology would like to congratulate the Hellenic Urological Association on celebrating it’s 90th anniversary! We are proud of the close collaboration and friendship we have with the HUA. We are honoured by the strong support the EAU has received of the HUA during the years, not only with regards to educational activities and its members, but also in the prominent roles HUA members have played and are playing in the EAU.
It is evident that as one of the oldest scientific associations in Greece, HUA has a very dynamic profile in the Greek society with regular campaigns for the public towards awareness in different urological diseases. In this context the HUA has worked very closely with the EAU on a number of initiatives, both scientific and educational and. In particular, the HUA has made an enormous contribution to advancing the management of prostate cancer at a pan-European level, by providing strong support for the EAU initiative on this subject.
Both HUA and EAU have the same primary motivation as non-profit organisations devoted to the continuous improvement of postgraduate education for Urologists, with a number of regular educational and training initiatives directed at all levels of experience. Both organisations are committed to the promotion of science and particularly the specialty of urology, by serving our membership thereby providing the best urological care to our patients and society as a whole.
As close scientific and educational partners we look forward to continuing this strong collaboration for many more years to come.
The European Board of Urology congratulates the Hellenic Urological Association with its 90th anniversary! The partnership between the European Board of Urology (EBU) and the Hellenic Urological Association (HUA) started in 1987 and has been strong for 35 years. Maintaining such a partnership is impressive and requires from both sides trust, willingness, and a vision on common goals and friendship.
In November 2021 the EMUC meeting was held in Athens which was the first life scientific meeting after long time. The city of Athens reminded me of the great history of your country. In 2014 Kleisiaris wrote a paper about the health care practices in ancient Greece. The focal point of Hippocratic medicine is the belief that medicine should be practiced as a scientific discipline based on the natural sciences, diagnosing and preventing diseases as well as treating them. And this is still true for both the HUA and the EBU! The EBU is a section of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) and as a regulatory body we see it as our mission to stimulate continuous improvement of standards in urological education, training, and professional development in Europe. It is our goal to collaborate with national urological associations for the advancement of urology and patient care in Europe. We are achieving these goals since 1958, through the EBU Examinations in Urology (FEBU), the certification Residency Training Programme, the In-Service Assessment, the introduction of the first CME/CPD credit management system and the certification of EBU-EAU Host Centres.
An impressive list of Greek urologists have played a vital role in the EBU as a member of board:
Prof. Frank Sofras: served from 1998 till 2014 and was the Secretary from 2010-2012.
Prof. Gerasimos Alivizatos: served from 2007 till 2013 and was the chairman of the Examination Committee in the period 2008-2011.
Prof. Nikolaos Sofikitis: appointed in 2014 and he currently serves his second term.
Prof. Athanasios Papatsoris: nominated in 2015, he also serves as the vice-chair of the Examination Committee.
We acknowledge and cherish the role that the HUA has been playing for many years in promoting the EBU exams amongst its members. Participation in the exams may not necessarily be appealing because it demands time, preparation and financial resources. Almost 30 years after the first FEBU Oral Exam in 1992 there are more than 350 urologists in Greece that hold the FEBU title. With this Greece is among the top five FEBU countries (Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy and Greece)! All the best for your celebrations in 2021, up for 2031 in good spirit along the same path with the EBU!
Congratulations from
    Jeroen van Moorselaar,
President European Board of Urology (EBU)

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