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                                                                                                                  ANNIVERSARY GREETINGS
Congratulations from the SIU
Tεύχος 14 | Νοέμβριος-Δεκέμβριος 2021
   Jean de la Rosette, General Secretary SIU
Greece is known as one of the cornerstones of modern civilization, its indelible impact apparent in culture, and architecture, as well as science and medicine. While many other societies and cultures have had remarkable impacts on medicine, it is widely acknowledged that the ‘do no harm’ principle was envisioned by the great Greek scholar Hippocrates. In contrast to this history, the HUA is a rather young organization; however, this does not diminish the well-deserved celebration of their 90th anniversary!
In the early days of my academic career, I was introduced to some of the great minds of the HUA, including the remarkable late Professor Konstantinos Dimopoulos. His vision was ahead of his time and inspired by international collaboration. I became a close friend of one of his pupils, my good friend Professor Gerasimos Alivizatos, the current President of HUA. He introduced me to many of my Greek fellows that joined me in Nijmegen and later in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and I have seen many of them go on to continue with esteemed academic careers. Today, I count among my closest friends, Stavros Gravas, Professor in Urology, Chair of the EAU guidelines in male LUTS, and Executive Board member of Société Internationale d’Urologie.
As General Secretary of the SIU, I would like to congratulate the HUA on their many achievements, among which was hosting the 2019 SIU Congress in Athens. This was one of the most memorable meetings that SIU has organized thus far. In close collaboration with the HUA Board, led by then-president Ioannis Gkialas, we succeeded in bringing together a world-class faculty to present high-quality science in a collegial atmosphere where one might meet old friends and make new ones.In this spirit, we look forward to the continued collaboration of our two societies and wish the HUA continued success in their noble journey.
   Raju Thomas, President of the AUA
Urologists around the world are unique in forming their own associations, societies, and chapters. By and large, urologists are innovative in embracing technologies and using available resources at their practice location to optimize urologic care for their patients.
The American Urological Association (AUA) is perhaps the oldest and largest urological association providing invaluable support for the entire urological community around the world. Practicing urologists wanting to improve their standard of patient care look forward to innovations, which have undergone rigorous testing, thus eagerly propagate this technology for patient care around the world.
For well over a century, the AUA has been at the forefront of developing and fostering evidence-based education for urologists and colleagues worldwide. The AUA has also dedicated itself to all stages of urological training from residency to the entire duration of the urologic surgeon’s career. AUA’s dedication to urologic research is unparalleled in the global arena. It is only through such research and innovations that we can enhance urologic care for our patients.
Working with associations such as HUA, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary, the AUA and HUA can walk side by side, proud of the shared heritage of being patient centric and of educating not only the next generation of our members but also those who are already in practice.
I wish you all the very best for your 90th anniversary meeting and festivities. Wish that I could have been there in person! With warm wishes,

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