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                                                                                                               It is a great privilege and honour, on behalf of the Endourological Society, to send our warmest greetings and congratulations to the HUA on your 90th Anniversary. The Endourological Society has always been keen to foster deep relationships with other national Urological Societies. So we would like to take this opportunity to recognise the achievements of the Hellenic Urological Association which provides a national programme of education and training for all Greek urologists and to promote the closer liaison between the HUA and other international societies and organisations. The HUA also provides a valuable role for the public in providing relevant patient information with regards to different urological conditions. The missions of our two societies are comparably similar such that the aim of Endourological Society is to improve the lives of patients with both benign and malignant urological conditions by reducing the morbidity of invasive treatments through novel technology, innovative techniques, and non-invasive medical management relevant to our discipline. These aims can be achieved by the promotion of successful scientific dialogue amongst urologists worldwide through the format of international meetings, circulation of scientific literature, innovative research and surgical skills training courses.
The implications of the current pandemic has forced many Urological Societies to re-evaluate their aims and ambitions in a time when we have a reduced ability to meet face to face and share those novel techniques and innovative ideas which could have a huge benefit to patients. I sincerely hope that, going forward, both our Societies can re-energise and enhance the dialogue between us to share such innovations involving new digital masterclasses and other educational programmes, potentially tailored to a more specific national need, which international Societies such as the Endourological Society can bring to the table and we would welcome any such communication with the HUA. On a more personal note, I have had the privilege of being an invited guest on two separate occasions to the Pan Hellenic Meeting in the past and have always very much enjoyed the scientific discourse of the meeting and the renowned hospitality which the association offers to international guests.
With our sincere congratulations on this significant anniversary and very best wishes for the future of the HUA. Kindest regards,
Anniversary greetings from INUS
On behalf of INUS, the International Neuro-Urological Society, and as its current president I thank for the invitation to send birthday greeting to the prestigious Hellenic Urological Association on the occasion of its 90th anniversary.
HUA and INUS have developed strong relations during the last years. The official scientific collaboration between HUA and INUS started with the joint session at the meeting of the Urodynamcis, Neuro-Urology & Female Urology(UNUFU) section of HUA in the city of Chania on Crete island in October 2017. INUS was also present in the 1st meeting of the HUA sections in the city of Kalamata in June 2019. At the beginning of the pandemic, INUS joined the HUA web event “Current trends in Urology - Lectures from the International Urological Community”.
Beside these official events, always perfectly organized with a challenging scientific program in a splendid Greek venue, there were many other occasions for us to meet, to exchange and to learn from each other. One of these events were the Greek Neuro-Urology Meetings in Athens. All of them have been organized so far by Prof. Charalampos Konstantinidis, and hopefully after the pandemic this series will continue. The scientific collaboration on many levels was the basis for friendships between Greek urologists and us.
On the occasion of this anniversary INUS wants to congratulate HUA and its members for the high-level Urology in science and education you have reached during the years. INUS thanks HUA especially for supporting Neuro-Urology which in other countries is still a stepchild of Urology despite the fact that with the increasing age of the population the neuro-urological problems increase and need adequate care by a trained urologist.
We hope that the fruitful collaboration between the Greek urologists and neuro-urologist and INUS will continue for mutual benefits, but especially for the benefits of our patients. Good luck! We are already looking forward to the 100thanniversary of HUA, which is not so far away- in 2031.
Kindest regards,
Tεύχος 14 | Νοέμβριος-Δεκέμβριος 2021
 Adrian D Joyce, President of the Endourological Society
 Prof. Dr. Helmut Madersbacher, President & on behalf of INUS

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