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curricula comprised in the SISE programme. The aim of the ESU Urology Bootcamp Working Group (myself, Prof. Ben van Cleynenbreugel and Mr. Chandra Shekhar Biyani) is to give every Urology resident in Europe the opportunity to acquire the necessary technical skills to perform basic urological procedures in a safe and controlled environment, thus avoiding the need to acquire these skills in patients. Furthermore, the ESU Urology Bootcamp Working Group is developing the ESU Urology Bootcamp programme, in which more advanced Bootcamps will be organized for third-year Urology residents that previously attended the ESU Urology Bootcamp for first-year residents, thus providing a structured approach to urological training that integrates in subsequent levels of the SISE program.
AD: Can you please introduce us to the current Bootcamp? What is the aim of the project, the main activities and the goals you wish to achieve?
TO: The ESU Urology Bootcamp is an intensive one- day hands-on course organized into four modules, each covering a specific surgical area: laparoscopy, upper urinary tract endoscopy, transurethral resection and lower urinary tract endoscopy. Each module has a 2h duration and follows a series of standardized and validated exercises aimed at providing high-quality technical skills training. As an example, the laparoscopy module is based on the European Basic Laparoscopic
Urological Skills (E-BLUS) while the upper and lower urinary tract endoscopy modules are based on the Endoscopic Stone Treatment Step 1 (EST-S1).
The aim is to provide high-quality hands-on training, within the framework of a standardized and integrated ESU training program, in order to give every European Urology resident the possibility to acquire the essential technical skills to perform the most frequent urological procedures before they start working with patients. The main goal is to improve the level of urological training and, ultimately, to improve the quality of the healthcare provided to our patients.
AD: In your opinion what are the key factors for an effective Bootcamp?
TO: The ESU Urology Bootcamp has a series of key factors to ensure the quality of the training provided and that must be followed in every course. First, it must be a full day of intensive hands-on training, focused on technical skills training. Second, it must follow a series of standardized and validated training modules, organized according to specific urological techniques. Third, high-quality mentoring must be provided by experienced trainers, ideally on the resident’s native language. Fourth, a 1:1:1 trainee:trainer:station ratio must be followed in every module. Finally, feedback and thorough assessment must be present throughout every training activity.
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