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AD: The Course is applying to first year residents. Do they need to have a pre-course preparation to attend (i.e EBLUS etc)
TO: The course is specifically designed for first-year residents without or with limited experience in urological procedures. Therefore, no previous certification (like E-BLUS or EST-S1) is required. A series of preparation materials (including specific guides for each training module) will be provided in advance in order to optimize the acquisition of technical skills during the course.
AD: The Trainers need to have any particular certifications, or Skills? Do you also organize a: "Train the Trainers” meeting?
TO: One of the hallmarks of the Bootcamp is the quality of the training provided by the trainers. Nowadays, it is broadly recognized that the best surgical trainers are more than just good surgeons: they must also be good teachers. For this reason, the selection of the trainers not only requires them to be experienced urologists with expertise in the technique they will be teaching, but also to have a deep interest in surgical education. In line with this concept, and given the fact that standardization is an important principle of the course, a Train the Trainer meeting is organized before the Bootcamp in order to provide the trainers some additional insight on the concepts of modern surgical education and to optimize the surgical training provided during the course.
AD: What are the expected outcomes from the Course Assessment?
TO: The main outcome expected from the course is an improvement of the technical skills of each trainee in performing basic laparoscopy, rigid and flexible cystoscopy, semi-rigid and flexible ureterorenoscopy, and transurethral resection of the bladder and prostate. Moreover, another very important outcome of the course is an improvement in the self-confidence of each trainee in performing these techniques after their return to their departments, which is why an online follow-up feedback form is delivered a few weeks after the Bootcamp.
AD: How do the Portuguese residents receive/ welcome the Course? Have you reviewed the evaluation of the participants?
TO: The feedback provided by the trainees has been excellent. It is the first opportunity that they have to train these skills in a controlled environment and using advanced models and state-of-the art equipment. Moreover, having experienced urologists providing high- quality mentoring, in a 1:1 ratio and without the usual daily clinical workload, is extremely uncommon, even
22 more for a full day of intensive hands-on training. Finally,
having the opportunity to interact closely and in a relaxed environment, not only with experienced urologists but also with residents from other departments, is a unique networking opportunity that is greatly appreciated by all trainees. The results show that the structure of the course and the quality of the trainers have consistently been effective in the improvement of the technical skills of the trainees.
AD: After three successful Bootcamps, what is your personal evaluation?
TO: After the successful organization of three editions of the ESU Urology Bootcamp in Lisbon, that have allowed us to reach more than 75% of all Portuguese Urology residents that are currently under training up until the fourth year, we can say that the course is having a considerable impact in urological education in Portugal. In a couple of years, virtually every Urology resident in Portugal will have started his/hers surgical education with the ESU Urology Bootcamp, which will not only be a very important milestone for the ESU Urology Bootcamp programme but, in our view, will also have a significant impact on the quality of surgical training in Urology.
AD: Closing, please inform us about the future development of the Bootcamp by ESU. As you told me Greece is one of the first Countries organizing a Bootcamp.
TO: Given the success of the project, it is the intention of the ESU and the ESU Urology Bootcamp Working Group that all European Urology residents have access to a ESU Urology Bootcamp in the beginning of their training. To achieve this goal, we plan to disseminate the ESU Urology Boot Camp programme and to organize ESU Urology Bootcamps for first-year residents on an annual basis in every country. To ensure the high standards of the courses delivered, the ESU Urology Bootcamp Working Group will collaborate with renowned Urologists and Associations in every country to successfully implement the course on a national basis. Following these principles, the ESU Urology Bootcamp Working Group will have the honor of collaborating with Prof. Athanasios Dellis and the Hellenic Urological Association to organize the first ESU Urology Boot Camp in Greece. In 2022, besides the Bootcamps in Portugal and Greece, we will also organize courses in Belgium, Serbia and Italy.
AD: Thank you for the time you dedicated to inform our members. We hope to welcome you soon to HUA's first ESU Urology Bootcamp, which will be held in Athens, October 6th, 2022. Your experience and support will be much appreciated.

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